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About Holloway Photography

Vicki Holloway has been involved in dog shows since 1965 when her family purchased a Great Dane to show. Great Danes and Miniature Poodles were part of the family for many years (quite a combination!), then Whippets in the late 70’s. In 1980 her mother purchased a Standard Poodle from the famous Eaton kennel and they soon began successfully breeding and showing under the Wessex kennel name. Her photography career began with portraits and ringside candids in 1987 then eventually came to include show photography in 1993. She is the lead photographer for the AKC Eukanuba Invitational, photographed the Best of Breed winners for the Cruft’s dog show in England and photographs every major dog show in California as a official photographer. She brings a lifetime of experience in the world of purebred dogs as a breeder, exhibitor, show chairperson, judge, professional handler’s assistant and all breed and specialty club member to her photography.

Praise from an icon in the sport:

“An Eye for a Dog”… that is an often used expression, it is something every great breeder, Judge and Handler possesses. It separates the good from the great and is a gift that can be nurtured but cannot be purchased.

A dog photographer has the chance to literally be the “eye or lens for a dog”

To have its essence captured, its qualities displayed, its image remembered. We all as a fancy cherish those photos, those moments in time, those memories.

We are fortunate to have an artist with an eye, with a commitment and deep love of our sport its history and tradition based on her lifelong participation as a breeder and continuing into her career as a portraitist and dog show photographer. I am speaking of Vicki Holloway. She took her gift and natural eye and developed it with continuing education and dedication and we are the benefactors. To have your dog photographed by Vicki is quite simply… the best."
-Bill McFadden